Apartment Rental Service in Berlin

Register your furnished apartment with Crocodilian. We will find you reliable tenants that stay for temporary periods in Berlin for work purposes.

Crocodilian is not a holiday letting agency. Be it professional photo shoots, official rental agreements in both German and English, we provide all such services.

Offer your furnished apartment with us right away.

Send us information about your apartment

Please fill in our online registration form for owners. It is important that you send us photos as well. By looking at the photos, we can get a first impression and, at this stage, give you some feedback and advice.

You must be the owner of the apartment or you must be authorised by the owner to look after the apartment. If you are a tenant, the owner of the flat must give you permission to sublet the flat. Please read our business terms.

We will view your apartment and will take photos

We will arrange an appointment with you to view the apartment and to take photos. We can also clarify any further questions you may have and discuss the target group for your apartment as well as the rental price, etc.. Subsequently, we will create a multilingual exposé, which will be presented on our website.

We will introduce you to prospective tenants

We will introduce you to tenants, who have applied for your apartment. We will provide you with detailed information about prospective tenants (such as their age, job and reason for coming to Berlin etc.) and their preferred rental period. Afterwards, you will receive the contact details of the prospective tenants and they will receive yours. Then, a viewing can be arranged. If the prospective tenants do not wish to view the apartment in advance, all further details should be clarified before concluding the contract.

The rental contract will be concluded online

We will prepare the rental agreement, which is concluded between the tenant and the owner. Crocodilian uses standard agreements. They are legally approved, fair and are available in both German and English. Since we have a special online application, the procedure is quick and easy.

Before the handover of the keys, the first month’s rent and the deposit will be transferred to your account by the new tenant. The exact moving-in date will be agreed upon in the rental agreement.